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I'm a user experience designer with a passion for accessibility and user research.

As a computer science major, I have gained an understanding of algorithms and basic programming. Yet over the past few years, as I was getting involved in more projects, my curiosity for user-centered design increased. I have been dedicating the past two years to understanding how people interact with emerging technologies and improving their overall experience through accessible design.

I am originally from Asuncion, Paraguay, but spent most of my life moving across Europe. Six years ago, I embarked on yet another adventure that led me to New Orleans. I'm currently living in New York City.


my process


In complete opposition to a utopian UX world, the real world is filled with constraints, strict business objectives, and the pressure of having a viable product ready in little time. While it might be very tempting to neglect user research in these circumstances, it’s crucial as a UX designer to act as an advocate for creating research-informed products.

I’m a strong believer in the power of communicating with your user throughout your process no matter what. Inspired by my entrepreneurial background, my approach involves formulating hypotheses and examining the “why” behind every design decision throughout the process. Whether it’s through a formal usability study or more casual conversations with my customers/users, I believe that research never stops and should be done in parallel to wireframing or prototyping — No matter how far along you are in the process.

To examine how I put this process into practice, check out my work.